Even though my porch doesn’t get much light, my herbs are growing faster than ever, especially my stevia.  This baby isn’t joking around.

I orignally bought the stevia simply because it peaked my interest.  Suuure, basil, parsley, rosemary, all awesome herbs that you can do a variety of things with…but stevia?  As in the natural sweetener in products like Truvia and Pure Via, grown on my own back porch?  Yea, let’s give it a shot.  Additionally, anyone that knows me knows that I say a big N-O to artificial sweeteners, so having some stevia around could be a neat idea.  It really is incredibly sweet {stevia extracts have about 300 times the sweetness of sugar}, if you nible on the leaf you almost instantly get a sweetness explosion.

But then something happened…

It grew…


So I’ve been doing some research on what you should do with stevia leaves.  Most info that I’ve found has said to dry the leaves and then grind them up and use them the same way you use sugar {sprinkle it in coffee or tea, etc}.  Following this idea, I’ve trimmed some stevia and hung it out to dry as a trial run.  I’m really hoping that this is the start of something new {High School Musical Style}, and something that I will be able to consistently do, because that would be pretty rad.

My question, to any other stevia farmers out there is:

One- is this how you do it?  & Two-  what other ways have you used stevia in the past?  Help a stevia sista out!

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