Christine here, extremely sore and finding it extremely hard to walk these days.  I’ll share the lower body workout I did with you in a bit {I want to make it look all pretty}, but for now I wanted to stop in a share something that I found this weekend.  I was working on Saturday and one of my bosses had to bring his daughter to work.  She was seriously the cutest thing on the planet and she just learned how to read.  She actually read quite well and she read a few poems to me.  Two of her three books were Shel Silverstein, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Every Thing on It.  I used to love Where the Sidewalk Ends growing up, but I had yet to read through Every Thing on It.  As I was flipping through the book, I came across the poem, The Yesees and the Noees, and I thought I would share it with you all today.

The Yesees and the Noees

“The Yesees said yes to anything
That anyone suggested.
The Noees said no to everything
Unless it was proven and tested.
So the Yesees all died of much too much
And the Noees all died of fright,
But somehow I think the Thinkforyourselfees
All came out all right.”

Shel Silverstein, Every Thing on It

It ‘s funny to me that a variety of Shel Silverstein poems have themes like this one for “children’s books”, when this is actually something a lot of adults would benefit from reading.  When I think about it, I would like to consider myself a “Thinkforyourselfee”, but sometimes I think I can be a little bit of a “Yesee”, because I don’t particularly like confrontation and I’m pretty easy going.  Bottomline, I think the “Thinkforyourselfees” are an even combination of the “Yesees” and “Noees”, and working towards finding that balance between the two will have you “coming out all right”.

What are you?  A Yesee, Noee, or a Thinkforyourselfee?

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