Hola!  The past three days have been rather hectic at work, and on top of that I’ve been feeling pretty under the weather.  So the past few days have been filled with some light runs, or no runs at all.  I couldn’t even participate in the NODA Run Club this week because of work. 🙁  I’m off work today and I just let myself sleep until I woke up, and I’m feeling much better…thanks Emergen-C and garlic cloves {self medication at it’s finest}.

Today, I wanted to share a basic homemade strawberry margarita recipe that I concocted over labor day weekend for my roommates and myself.  It was delicious, refreshing, and made with real strawberries!

In my ninja (72 oz.), I combined the following ingredients:

3 cups of Margarita mix {I found this “light” mix at Marshall’s}
2 cups of tequila {or maybe a splash or two extra}
20 fresh cut strawberries
Ice cubes filled to the top

Ninja Blenders can do anything!

Then, I rimmed the glass with salt {I love the presentation} and a fresh strawberry.

Easy-peasy, homemade strawberry margaritas it is….and you can feel “kind of good” about it because it’s made with real strawberries, right?

Whip this up for your next gathering, and all will be sure to love it!

What are some of your favorite frozen beverages?  Any healthy alternatives?

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2 comments on “Strawberry Margarita”

  1. I found your blog through Marshall’s Rec Center website and I absolutely love it! Miss you and so glad to see you’re doing great!

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