Muahahaha!  Happy Halloween my goblins and ghouls, although today is just another work day, there are a lot of fun, festive activities on the horizon…post to come.  Can’t wait for any Halloween goodness?  Here’s a #fbf {Flashback Friday}, Christine and Ryan edition…

Homemade Dalmatian costumes, created by your’s truly, E. Lavery, the best mother in all the land.  I think Ryan was confused by his tail, much like a real dog.  🙂  {also, isn’t that one terrifying Jack-o-lantern bucket?}

Today I wanted to blog about something that I can’t take credit for, but that I really enjoyed.  Hoping that you might get a thing or two from it as well.  So, once the candy coma wears off, and you get that extra hour of sleep {we fallin’ back this weekend y’all!}, take this into consideration- because contrary to popular belief, life goes on the day after Halloween…no matter how much candy you eat.

Of course, I discovered this on the mother ship of electronic knowledge [besides Google}…Pinterest.


Originally found on Savvy Sunah’s blog, I feel like I need to work on keeping a lot of these things in mind.  Like, “they avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect”, or “they keep things simple”.  All great things to keep in mind while on your journey.

What do you guys think of the list?  What strategies do you use to make yourself more successful?

Happy Friday/Happy Halloween!

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