Just like how I have mad love Amy Poehler, I also love, admire, and want to be like all of the other powerful women in comedy, namely Kristen Wiig. Maybe it was because I watched Bridesmaids this weekend for the 1, 000th time, and then ended up watching Target Lady clips on YouTube, but I decided that I wanted some life advice from Kristen Wiig this week.

I think that the quote speaks for itself. You have to work hard towards what you really, really, really want to do if you’re going to be happy in this life.

Aside from the fact that I think she is hilarious, I specifically love and respect Kristen Wiig for a completley different reason. I remember reading an article about her in a TIME Magazine years ago, when she fully established herself as a leading lady of comedy. The article was essentially a general overview of her life. While it was interesting, the part that stuck with me the most talked about how she got started. Kristen {we’re on a first name basis}, didn’t perform at all until she was in her late 20’s, no college theater, no plays, no anything. She was later hired by SNL at 32 and has since worked on a variety of projects as a writer, producer, and actress.

Now, I just want to clarify: I’m not expecting to become a famous comedienne by 32. But much like F. Scott Fitzgerald once said {and how it worked out for Kristen Wiig}, "it’s never too late or too early to be whoever you want to be". {I guess that could have also been today’s Monday Mantra}. If there’s something that you’ve always wanted to accomplish in life, just because you haven’t done it yet, doesn’t mean you never will. This doesn’t necessarily have to apply to your career. Do you want to learn an instrument? Finally run in a race? Learn to speak another language? Start your own blog? Your goals are often not as impossible as they may seem or feel. The key is to not only talk about what you want to do, but actually do it.

As you start your Monday, make sure your always working hard towards what you want in life {keeping in mind that good things don’t happen overnight, of course}. There is so much life ahead of you, as you continue to work hard you never know what could happen…

Happy Monday, everyone!

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