Yes, this is a real thing.

Now, unless you’re one of the lucky ones (and God bless you, if you are), if you’re a female, no matter how healthy you may be, you probably have a little bit of cellulite somewhere. Not trying to be a big old “B” word, or pessimistic, but it’s time to be honest (and not ashamed) of our bods (even Chrissy Teigen has stretch marks). I’ll admit it, no matter how far I run or how much I lift, I still have a little somethin’ somethin’ here and there.

Let’s also be clear, this isn’t going to remove your cellulite, but it does reduce it’s appearance. I first noticed this coffee scrub on because it’s got a few of my favorite ingredients: coffee and coconut oil. The caffeine from the coffee and the moisturizing benefits from the coconut oil all work to fight the fat. The article also recommends dry brushing (a personal fave) before using the scrub in the shower.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

1 cup of coffee grounds

6 Tbsp of coconut oil

3 Tbsp sea salt or sugar (I used sugar)

Empty jar

Dry Brush (optional)

Oh, coconut oil, you surprise me every day.

First, mix the dry ingredients in a bowl while you melt the coconut oil in the microwave. Then mix together and you’re all set!

I’ve been using this scrub three times a week for the past two weeks, and while I’m no Victoria’s Secret model, my skin is smoother and softer than ever before! I definitely recommend this to anyone, as long as you don’t mind smelling like a latte.

What homemade scrubs do you like to use?

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